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<Q1> Is it possible to consult without a referral from a doctor?
<Q2> Is it possible to consult without an appointment?
It depends on the department
If you are not sure whether the department you wish to consult needs an appointment, please call the appointment center 03-5449-5560(8:30~17:00).
<Q3> Will I pay extra without a doctor’s referral?
Whether you come with or without another doctor’s referral will not affect your medical service charges.
<Q4> I don’t know which department I should consult.
Please check the introduction of departments in our homepage.
If you remain unsure, please call the Medical Professions Division 03-3443-8111 (8:30~17:00)
<Q5> Do you provide emergency medical service ?
Only for patients who are already registered with our hospital. Please call the evening phone number 03-3443-8111 (17:00~8:30)
<Q6> Do you provide medical checkups?
Yes, but we provide only general health checkups and health checkups for Chinese visa applications, but not comprehensive medical examinations.
Appointments are not needed for medical checkups.
See “Medical Checkups” in the homepage for details.
<Q7> Can I request only a specific medical diagnostic test?
Medical diagnostic tests can be ordered only under a doctor’s direction.
Even for individual tests included in a routine medical checkup, you must consult a doctor. If you want to undergo a specific medical diagnostic test, please first consult with a doctor.
For medical diagnostic tests such as MRI, CT etc., these are also available at other hospitals.
<Q8> Do you accept credit cards ?
We accept almost all major credit cards such as VISA, JCB, MASTER, DC etc.
<Q9> Is there an ATM machine in your hospital ?
The nearest ATM machines are located as follows.
  • In “Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank “. Exiting from the main gate, turn right and walk about 5 min.
  • In “Seven-Eleven” to the right side of the Metro Shirokanedai Station Exit 1
  • In “ Lawson”. Exiting from the west gate, turn left and walk about 3 min.
<Q10> Is it prohibited to bring fresh flowers into patients’ room ?
Fresh flowers might harbor various bacteria.
Even bacteria harmless to healthy people may cause critical infections in our patients. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
(artificial flowers are no problem)
<Q11> Where can I use my mobile phone in the hospital.
We hope that you won’t use your mobile phone in the hospital. You can use it outside the hospital or in a designated area inside the hospital.
<Q12> Can I use the internet in the hospital ?
Hospital inpatients are allowed to bring a computer and a PC card.
<Q13> Do you have a parking lot?
We have some parking spaces for patients, but because these are limited, visitors and patients are strongly encouraged to come by public transportation whenever possible.
If you come by car, please inform a staff member at the hospital reception desk and receive a parking card which should be put somewhere visible near the windshield of your car.
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