IMSUT Hospital - The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo

Mission, Vision, Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities



Patients' Rights and Responsibilities

We provide medical services respecting the following patients’ rights.

  1. Right to receive high-quality and safe medical services
  2. Right to receive an adequate explanation and information about treatment
  3. Right to choose treatment by one’s own volition
  4. Right to protection of personal dignity
  5. Right to protection of personal privacy

We devote ourselves to offering world-class medical care to our patients. To this end, it’s hoped that you understand the following things and strive to cooperate to enable us to provide proper medical care.

  1. Please provide us with complete and accurate information about your health and symptoms in order that we can offer you safe, high-quality medical services.
  2. Please undergo treatment only after understanding the treatment together with its risks and benefits. Please do not hesitate to ask or consult us about anything and inform us immediately id you experience any physical disorder after undergoing treatment.
  3. Please follow our regulations in order to make sure that all our patients can receive safe, high-quality medical services.
  4. Our hospital also functions as clinical training facilities for medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students etc. The students have study rounds or training courses in the hospital under strictly administered guidelines and may have the chance to visit patients. We appreciate your understanding of this situation.
  5. To ensure safe medical treatment, our hospital asks you, the patient, to provide your name and to confirm oral medicines, intravenous fluids or surgery sites together with us. Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. Our hospital conducts clinical studies and asks patients for cooperation. You can decide on your own volition to cooperate or not after receiving adequate information about the applicable study. You also can withdraw from a study at any time.